January 21, 2019  
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Carotid Doppler exam is an ultrasound test used to evaluate the arteries in your neck to evaluate for any blockages or disease. For this test, you will lie on your back with a small pillow. If this is not comfortable for you, we try to use a position in which you will be comfortable. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour during which an ultrasound transducer is moved along the neck using a clear ultrasound gel for the transducer. Pictures are taken of the blood vessels in the neck and recorded for the physician to interpret. Doppler ultrasound is used and you will hear loud noises periodically. This test does not involve injections. The only discomfort will be due to the period of time you will need to lie quietly on the bed.

This procedure is performed at 1960, Tomball and the Woodlands.

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